That Petrol Emotion:Babble (1987)

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That Petrol Emotion
  1. Swamp
  2. Spin Cycle
  3. For What It's Worth
  4. Big Decision
  5. Static
  6. Split!
  7. Belly Bugs
  8. In the Playpen
  9. Inside
  10. Chester Burnett
  11. Creeping to the Cross
Bonus Tracks on 2001 reissue
  1. Big Decision (extended version)
  2. Swamp (extended mix)
  3. Creeping to the Cross (7" edit)
  4. Soul Deep
  5. Dance Your Ass Off
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Albums by That Petrol Emotion

Albums: Manic Pop Thrill (1986)Babble (1987)End of the Millenium Psychosis Blues (1988)Chemicrazy (1990)Fireproof (1993)

Live releases: Final Flame (2000)

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