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To be used on song pages, this template produces a collapsible list of artists who have covered the song in question.

Note: If only one artist has covered a song, it is preferable to use {{Cover2}} instead.

|title=<<song title>>
|a1=<<1st artist>>|t1=<<song title>>
|a2=<<2nd artist>>
|title= recommended: title of the song (defaults to {{SONG}})
|a1= required: first artist who covered the song
|t1= optional: title of the first cover version (if different from the original)
|sa1= optional: the song page's artist prefix, if different from the artist page (for disambiguated artists, or artists using an alias)
|addtext1= optional: any additional text to be appended on the same line; this can include links and templates like {{ft}}
|a2= second artist
... etc.

Up to 50 artists are allowed.

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