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Khelpcenter This template can be used on artist pages for collaborations, where most parameters of the {{ArtistHeader}} template wouldn't make much sense.
All pages with this template: Category:Artist Collaborations (currently 119).


Black (default), Green, Violet, Bronze, Silver or Gold
displays a picture of the collaborating artists
displays text below the artists' image
displays a link to the official website for this collaboration
don't use this to link to one of the collaborating artists' website
link1, link2 
the individual artists' page names on LyricWiki
artist1, artist2 
• if artist# is used without link#, it simply displays the artist's name without linking to a LW page
• if artist# is used with link#, it displays as alternative text – useful if an artist's name had to be adjusted to adhere to LW:PN, like k.d. lang → K.d. Lang
  • NOTE: for each artist, at least one of the above two parameters must be specified!
romanizedName1, romanizedName2 
optional: if the artist's name is in a non-Latin alphabet (Cyrillic, Greek etc.), this parameter will display a romanized version below the name
wikipedia1, wikipedia2 
optional: produces links to the individual artists' Wikipedia articles
country1/2, state1/2, hometown1/2 
displays the individual artists' hometown – see {{ArtistHeader}} for more information
note that this does not place the page in the respective Hometown categories
  • Up to five additional artists can be added by specifying link3/4/5/6/7 and/or artist3/4/5/6/7, country3/4/5/6/7 etc.


|star       = Green
|link1      = Brian Eno
|artist1    = Brain One
|wikipedia1 = Brian Eno
|country1   = England
|state1     = Suffolk
|hometown1  = Woodbridge
|artist2    = Unknown Guy
|wikipedia2 = John Doe
|country2   = United States



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