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Use this template on top of album pages and the {{AlbumFooter}} template at the bottom. (See also our help on album pages.)


|Artist    = The Beatles
|Album     = Abbey Road
|fLetter   = A
|Length    = 47:23
|Genre     = Rock
|Cover     = The Beatles - Abbey Road.jpg
|Wikipedia = Abbey Road (album)
|star      = Bronze
|AOTWfrom  = 4 February 2008
|AOTWto    = 10 February 2008



  • |Artist= – The artist's name. This must be the same as the pagename of the artist's page.
    Exception: For split releases, the parameters Split and Split2 (and, if necessary, Split3 up to Split5) should be used instead. In these cases, Artist will be ignored.
  • |Album= – The album title. This does not have to be the same as the album title part of the pagename.
  • |fLetter= – The actual first letter of the album title (even if it starts with "The" or "A").
  • |star= – Violet, Green, Bronze, Silver or Gold. See LyricWiki:Page ranking for more information.


  • |Length= – The album's length (as mm:ss). If unknown, leave this parameter blank; do not insert "00:00". For albums where different versions exist with different lengths, these can be separated with line break tags:
|Length = 33:45 (original release) <br /> 50:31 (CD reissue)
  • |Genre= – The album's genre. Only one genre is allowed for; do not try to enter several separated by hyphens or slashes! All currently used genres can be found at Category:Genre.
    Exception: For soundtracks, the SType parameter should be used instead. See the help page on soundtracks for more information.
  • |Cover= – The filename given at the point of uploading to the album's cover art, e.g. Yep - She Just Can't Let It Alone.jpg. Only local images are allowed! If the file does not exist, you can upload it; see the help page for more information.
  • |Wikipedia= – Creates a link to the album's Wikipedia article. Use only the article name, not the complete URL!


  • |Alias= – Changes the display text of the link to the artist page. Useful if the artist's name has been changed due to LyricWiki's page naming policy (e.g. k.d. langK.d. Lang), or if the artist's name varies from album to album (e.g. with or without "The", "&" as opposed to "and").
  • |Type= – The album type that is displayed above the tracklist. Default is "Album". Three types have special functions:
    1. Single – The page is added to [[Category:Singles FLETTER]], [[Category:Singles released in YEAR]] and [[Category:STARCOLOUR Singles]] rather than the corresponding Album categories.
    2. Compilation – The page is added to Category:Compilation. See the help page for more information.
    3. Soundtrack – The page is added to Category:Soundtrack. The Genre parameter is ignored, SType must be used instead (see below).

Special Parameters

  • |SType= – If Type is set to "Soundtrack", this replaces the Genre parameter. See the help page on soundtracks for available STypes. The Genre parameter will be ignored!
  • |Split=, |Split2= ... |Split5= – If the album features songs credited separately to two or more artists (example album), these parameters can be used instead of the Artist parameter. They have to be used in order, and at least the first two need to be specified. This is not intended for collaborations!
  • |AOTWfrom= and |AOTWto= – If the album has been Album of the Week, these parameters will produce a badge at the bottom of the infobox. Both need to be present!
  • |float= – Adding floating items (like {{Album Art}} directly below the Album template will push any following text down below the infobox; this can be avoided by using the float parameter. Any number of templates can be added. Example:
|float={{Album Art|some image.jpg|some text}}
{{Album Art|some other image.jpg|some other text}}

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