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This template is for use on song pages and creates a collapsible list of additional albums a song appears on.

{{AddAlb}} can be used as a shortcut.


Put the following code directly beneath the {{Song}} template:

{{Additional Albums
|album2=<<2nd album>>
|type2=<<2nd album type>>
|album3=<<3rd album>>
|type3=<<3rd album type>>
  • |artist=optional: the artist who recorded the song (only necessary if the song title contains one or more colons, otherwise {{ARTIST}} is used)
  • |album#= – album on which the song also appears
  • |type#= – if the album is not a regular album, you can specify the type with this parameter.
    • Any type can be entered: "box set", "EP", "Greatest Hits compilation"…
    • Note that with types Soundtrack and Compilation, the album link changes from "Artist:Album (Year)" to "Album (Year)".
    • The type is case-insensitive, so "soundtrack" and "Soundtrack" work equally.
  • |artist#= – if the song appears on an album released by another artist, that artist can be specified with this parameter
    • If you enter "various artists" here, the album link changes from "Artist:Album (Year)" to "Album (Year)".

|album2=The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience (1993)|type2=soundtrack
|album3=Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology (2001)
|album4=O, Yeah! The Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (2002)}}


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