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Taking Back Sunday
This song is performed by Taking Back Sunday and appears on the album Where You Want to Be (2004).
I wait around
For that still small center
from saint to sinner
Well which one is it?
Just who do you think you are? X2
Well who did you call to get this? Is it who I think it is?
(I swear to god I'm gonna kill him)
Is it who I think it is?
You always knew it was on purpose
Yeah, what's the point if it don't serve it's purpose
You're splintered but focused You're as good as gold
You're built from distraction so brilliantly dull
I had a better friend in my worst of plans
Than I ever had in either one of you

I never made a scene
Well they came to me
(I didn't have to)
I didn't have to X2 (well i never made a scene)

I always know to avoid the issue
Got me alone so I couldn't address you
Home is where you make it, love
Don't get yourself confused
Besides what's it to you?
I traded my conscience for your, for your confidence
Attacked my lungs with lies to pass the time
I made states move like regular days

I didn't have to X2
I never made a scene

I never made a scene
Well, they came to me
I never made a scene
Well, they came to me
I didn't have to
I didn't have to

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