TISM:Hot Dogma (1990)

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Album by TISM.
  1. The TISM Boat Hire Offer
  2. Existentialtism
  3. While My Catarrh Gently Weeps
  4. They Shoot Heroin, Don't They?
  5. Dazed And Confucious
  6. Kevin Borich Expressionism Part 1
  7. I'll 'Ave Ya
  8. Whinge Rock
  9. The TISM Nightsoil Cart And Horse Blues
  10. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Whittle Away My Furniture
  11. The TISM Finance Plan Offer
  12. Leo's Toltoy
  13. The History Of Western Civilisation
  14. Kevin Borich Expressionism Part 2
  15. My Generation
  16. I Don't Want TISM, I Want A Girlfriend
  17. Kevin Borich Expressionism Part 4
  18. Get Thee In My Behind, Satan
  19. We Are The Champignons
  20. Let's Club It To Death
  21. Let's Form A Company
  22. Life Kills
  23. Life Kills/Pus Of The Dead (Segue)
  24. Pus Of The Dead
  25. It's Novel. It's Unique. It's Shithouse.
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