Stratovarius:Elements Pt.1 (2003)

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Album by Stratovarius.
  1. Eagleheart
  2. Soul of a Vagabond
  3. Find Your Own Voice
  4. Fantasia
  5. Learning to Fly
  6. Papillion
  7. Stratofortress
  8. Elements
  9. A Drop in the Ocean
  10. Into Deep Blue
  11. Papillon
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Albums by Stratovarius

Studio albums: Fright Night (1989)Twilight Time (1992)Dreamspace (1994)Fourth Dimension (1995)Episode (1996)Visions (1997)Destiny (1998)Infinite (2000)Elements Part 1 (2003)Elements Part 2 (2003)Elements Pt.1 (2003)Stratovarius (2005)Polaris (2009)

EP's: S.O.S. (1998)Hunting High And Low (2000)

Singles: Future Shock (1988)Black Night (1989)Break The Ice (1992)Father Time (1996)Will The Sun Rise? (1996)Black Diamond (1997)Kiss Of Judas (1997)Million Lightyears Away (2000)Eagleheart (2002)I Walk To My Own Song (2003)Maniac Dance (2005)

Live albums: Visions Of Europe (1998)

Compilations: Past And Now (1997)Chosen Ones (1999)Intermission (2001)

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