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This page lists pages which redirect to other redirect pages. Each row contains links to the first and second redirect, as well as the target of the second redirect, which is usually the "real" target page, which the first redirect should point to. Crossed out entries have been solved.

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  1. Andrew Jackson Jihad:Kazoo Sonata in C Major
  2. Andrew Jackson Jihad:People Ii: The Reckoning
  3. Jesus Christ Superstar:Argument
  4. BABYMETAL:Megitsune (メギツネ)
  5. Daddy Yankee:Buscarte- Nicky Jam(Daddy Yankee)
  6. Daddy Yankee:Dimelo- Feat. Divino
  7. Daddy Yankee:Guayando-Daddy Yankee Ft. Don Omar
  8. Daddy Yankee:Impacto Remix Feat. Fergie
  9. LyricFind:Daddy Yankee:Oye Mi Canto (Instrumental)
  10. Daddy Yankee-Que Tengo Que Hacer:(Video Official)
  11. Daddy Yankee:Tu Cuerpo En La Cama- Feat. Nicky Jam
  12. David Allen Coe:Jimmy Buffett Doesn't Live In Key West Anymore
  13. David Allen Coe:Longhaired Redneck
  14. LyricFind:David Allan Coe:Old Grey Goose Is Dead
  15. David Allen Coe:Waylon Willie And Me
  16. David Allen Coe:XS And OS (Kisses And Hugs)
  17. David Allen Coe:You Never Even Called Me By My Name
  18. DragonForce:Valley of the Damned - Remastered
  19. Faithless: Dub Be Good To Me
  20. Family Guy:All I Really Want For Christmas (Original) Lyrics
  21. Family Guy:All I Really Want for Christmas (Reprise)
  22. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:Bim Bam Boum
  23. Chad Kroeger:Hero - Main Version
  24. Nickelback:Hero-Main Version
  25. Radioaktiva RäKer:Döda Mig Inte Så Dödar Jag Inte Dig
  26. The Wiggles:Ray of Light (Family Guy version)
  27. Rammstein:Shtil
  28. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:Bim bam boum
  29. LyricFind:Andrew Lloyd Webber:Superstar (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

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