Sondre Lerche:Dan In Real Life (2007)

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Sondre Lerche
Soundtrack by Sondre Lerche.
  1. Family Theme Waltz
  2. To Be Surprised
  3. I'll Be OK
  4. Dan and Marie Picking Hum
  5. My Hands Are Shaking
  6. Dan in Real Life
  7. Hell No
  8. Family Theme
  9. Fever by A Fine Frenzy
  10. Airport Taxi Reception
  11. Dan and Marie Melody
  12. Human Hands
  13. I'll Be OK (instrumental reprise)
  14. Let My Love Open the Door
  15. Dan and Marie Finale Theme
  16. Modern Nature
  17. Ruthie Pig Face Draper by Dane Cook
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