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Slumpark Correctional
This song is performed by Slumpark Correctional.
were they frightened by your laughter
did they see your fearless stand
were they trembling when your valor
turned their vision a blazing hell
did they draw their utmost power
just to block your valiant gaze
did their hearts endure in torment
when you faced your end in pride
did they build an enormous guillotine
just to chop your head at sight
dont they know that your appearance
will command their souls to crawl
cowards are they, wont they quaver
will their eyes get sleep at night
will they live to a day where justice
wont get stamped on by their feet
there you walk in sturdy footsteps
waiting their commands to fade
not a word, you stood there smiling
'till the slaughter hit the blade
standing up on a crimson sunrise
daring warriors we shall be
soaking blood we'll keep on fighting
die until our soul are free

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