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Sigue Sigue Sputnik
This song is performed by Sigue Sigue Sputnik and appears on the album Flaunt It (1986).
Yeah she talks like a woman
But she shakes like a man
She's got more rhythm sexual feeling
From a mutant than a man
Yeah she's my man
She's got the prettiest face
The wittiest mind
The prettiest gargoyle ever find
She's my man catch her if you can
She's my man

Desperate loving made me blind
She's my oriental lover
Now she's two of a kind
And she shot me from the body
With her lipstick mind
Yeah she's my man
She's my man catch her if you can
She's my man

She's unlike no other creature
She's a killer in disguise
She's just starred in my x feature movie
Thrilling all the boys

She's explosive neon highs
She's a freaked out freak android
She's my pleasure seeking leisure boy
You're in, not out, good bye
Yeah she's my man
Catch her if you can
She's my man



Catch her if you can


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