Shriekback:Life In The Loading Bay (2010)

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Album by Shriekback.
  1. In the Dreamlife of Dogs
  2. Semidelicious
  3. Loving Up the Thing
  4. Another Day Above the Ground
  5. Make It Mauve
  6. Nowhere Nothing Never
  7. Running With the Mothmen
  8. Flowers of Angst
  9. Now I Wanna Go Home
  10. Pointless Rivers
  11. Simpler Machines
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Albums by Shriekback

Albums: Care (1983)Jam Science (1984)Oil and Gold (1985)Big Night Music (1986)Go Bang! (1988)Sacred City (1992)Naked Apes & Pond Life (2000)Having a Moment (2003)Cormorant (2005)Glory Bumps (2007)Life in the Loading Bay (2010)

EPs: Tench (1982)

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