Shriekback:Care (1983)

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Album by Shriekback.
  1. Lined Up
  2. Cleartrails
  3. Hapax Legomena
  4. Petulant
  5. Lines From the Library
  6. Brink of Collapse
  7. Sway
  8. Into Method
  9. Evaporation
  10. In: Amongst

US Edition
is missing Hapax Legomena and In: Amongst but adds

  1. Accretions
  2. My Spine (Is the Bassline)

US track order

  1. Lined Up
  2. Cleartrails
  3. Accretions
  4. My Spine (Is the Bassline)
  5. Into Method
  6. Brink of Collapse
  7. Petulant
  8. Sway
  9. Lines From the Library
  10. Evaporation
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