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Words (1997)Edit

Sherrié Austin - Words
  1. Lucky in Love
  2. Innocent Man
  3. One Solitary Tear
  4. Trouble in Paradise
  5. That's No Way to Break a Heart
  6. I Want to Fall in Love (So Hard It Hurts)
  7. Words
  8. Tenderly
  9. Put Your Heart into It
  10. You Keep on Lovin' Me

Love In the Real World (1999)Edit

Sherrié Austin - Love in the Real World
Love in the Real World
  1. Never Been Kissed
  2. Good Love Comin' On
  3. Little Bird
  4. That's No Way to Break a Heart
  5. Sarah
  6. All the Love a Heart Can Hold
  7. Dreaming Out Loud
  8. Heart to Heart
  9. Love in the Real World
  10. Heart Hold On
  11. All That Matters
  12. Wish
Bonus Track
  1. Tell Me Everything
Bonus Track
  1. Favorite Waste Of Time

Followin' a Feelin' (2001)Edit

Sherrié Austin - Followin' a Feelin'
Followin' a Feelin'
  1. Followin' a Feelin'
  2. Jolene
  3. Goin', Goin', Gone
  4. Somethin' Missin' in the Kissin'
  5. In the Meantime
  6. My Brilliant Mistake
  7. In Our Own Sweet Time
  8. Love Melts Even the Coldest Hearts
  9. Back Where I Belong
  10. Time, Love and Money

Streets of Heaven (2003)Edit

Sherrié Austin - Streets of Heaven
Streets of Heaven
  1. Singin' to the Scarecrow
  2. Small Town Boy
  3. Ride'em Cowgirl
  4. Driving into the Sun
  5. Fools Like Us
  6. Somebody's Somebody
  7. Love Unafraid
  8. This Town Is That Small
  9. Remind Me
  10. I'm Still Fallin'
  11. Streets of Heaven
  12. Like a Cat
  13. Heart on Ice

Other SongsEdit

  1. All The Way To Marakesh
  2. Colour Me You
  3. Feather In The Fire
  4. Ghostrain
  5. I Just Wanna Be Mad
  6. I Would Walk The Earth
  7. Innocent Child
  8. Missing The Beat
  9. Moving Mountains
  10. Naughty Or Nice
  11. Oxygen
  12. Ride 'Em Cowgirl
  13. Singing To The Scarecrow
  14. Son Of A Preacher Man
  15. Son Of A Preacherman
  16. Stone Roses
  17. Waves
  18. We Talk To The Angels

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