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Say Anything
This song is performed by Say Anything and appears on the album ...Is A Real Boy (2004).
Passing slowly though a vector
Damp with fog the bog that grows the former business sector
With my laugh, my lone companion.
Only I can save the lives that blink within this canyon
We're passing slow, passing slow. Slow, Slow
Drink the colors of the night time
If you were wrong then I was right and this will be the right time
I‘ll display my disaffection (you grind me up, yea, you spit me out)
Out across the city
Loud and proud in your direction
We're passing slow, we're passing slow. Slow, Slow.
We're passing slow, we're passing slow. Slow, Slow.
But when I get to your apartment I climb the rail outside the building
A band of them were in your apartment
They tied you up unwound, unwilling
I watch them cut, watch them touch, watch them do what they came to do
And in I come to lick it up
Clean up what is left of you
Ha ha ha show me what you got

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