Samantha Crain And The Midnight Shivers:Traipsing Through The Aisles Lyrics

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Samantha Crain And The Midnight Shivers
This song is performed by Samantha Crain And The Midnight Shivers.
even shadows sleep tonight
but a bit of orphaned light will
make it's home on beds of nails and nightmares
when dust clouds o'er the sun
a web of confusion is by spiders crawling faster towards redemption
see them crawl, see them crawl
see them crawl

so we're walking around our houses with our eyes shut tight
and flying a kite in the yard
still unfamiliar with where we are
i'm a spinning windmill, turning keys in locks at night,
and safe inside your arms of cedar trees outside my window
i'm lost, i'm lost
i'm lost

and i'm lost inside
my home and my clothes
in the roads
of my own mind
and i know
it's not a sign
i just messed up
this time

this time this time....
i did something wrong....
la la...

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