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This song is performed by Roxette and appears on the album The Ballad Hits (2002) and on the album The Roxbox 86-06 (2006).
(Breath your love)
I've gotta come down,
I've been awake for far too long.
My eyes look torn,
They were so strong.
I wore the crown,
I wrote the song
Now it's fading.
My heart was open
Like a window to a summer breeze.

I breathed your love.
I filled my lungs and veins
And I breathed your love
Until I felt the pain
And like rain
It slipped away.

I tried to find out
What love was really all about.
Behind the curtain waits the sky.
It's rare I feel enough to cry,
I'm drying up inside.
My life was open
Oh! like a window to the summer breeze.

I breathed (I breathed) your love.
I filled my lungs and veins
And I breathed (I breathed) your love
Until I met the pain and like rain (breathe)
It slipped away
Just like a little rain.

I breathed (I breathed) your love.
And nothing stayed the same.
Yes, I breathed (I breathe) your love
And filled my heart in vain
Cos like rain it slipped away, oh yeah
Just like rain it swept away

(Breathe your love) I breathed your love
And nothing stayed the same
(Breathe your love) Oh I breathed your love
Just like a little rain it slipped away
Oh I breathed.

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