Robyn Hitchcock:You & Oblivion (1995)

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Robyn Hitchcock
Compilation album by Robyn Hitchcock.
  1. You've Got
  2. Don't You
  3. Birdshead
  4. She Reached for a Light
  5. Victorian Squid
  6. Captain Dry
  7. Mr. Rock 'n' Roll
  8. August Hair
  9. Take Your Knife Out of My Back
  10. Surgery
  11. The Dust
  12. Polly on the Shore
  13. Aether
  14. Fiend Before the Shrine
  15. Nothing
  16. Into It
  17. Stranded in the Future
  18. Keeping Still
  19. September Cones
  20. Ghost Ship
  21. You & Me
  22. If I Could Look
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