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Port of Miami (2006)Edit

Rick Ross - Port of Miami
Port of Miami
  1. Intro
  2. Push It (featuring Paul Engemann)
  3. Blow (featuring Dre)
  4. Hustlin'
  5. Cross That Line (featuring Akon)
  6. I'm Bad
  7. Boss (featuring Dre)
  8. For Da Low
  9. Where My Money? I Need That
  10. Get Away (featuring Mario Winans)
  11. Hit U From The Back (featuring Rodney)
  12. White House
  13. Pots And Pans (featuring J Rock)
  14. It's My Time (featuring Lyfe Jennings)
  15. Street Life (featuring Lloyd)
  16. Hustlin' (Remix) (featuring Jay-Z and Young Jeezy)
  17. It Ain't A Problem (featuring Carol City Cartel)
  18. I'm A G (featuring Lil Wayne and Brisco)
  19. Prayer

Rise to Power (2007)Edit

Rick Ross - Rise to Power
Rise to Power
  1. It's On (featuring Noah and Jiggolo)
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. Get That Bread (featuring Cinque, Jiggolo and Big Duke)
  4. Skit
  5. Street Love (featuring NEXT)
  6. Strapped (featuring Noah)
  7. Prove Me Wrong (featuring Devin the Dude)
  8. Bird Bath (featuring Noah)
  9. B.L.O.W. (Block Life Is Our Way) (featuring Clipse)
  10. Realest Niggas (featuring Gillie Da Kid and Reed Dollaz)
  11. Simple And Plain
  12. Dear Lord (featuring Scarface)
  13. Skit (2)
  14. Been (Bonus Jiggolo track)
  15. Breath In, Breathe Out (Bonus Jiggolo track)
  16. 737 (Bonus Jiggolo track)

Trilla (2008)Edit

Rick Ross - Trilla
  1. Trilla Intro
  2. All I Have In This World (Japanese Denim) (featuring Mannie Fresh)
  3. The Boss (featuring T-Pain)
  4. Speedin' (featuring R. Kelly)
  5. We Shinin'
  6. Money Make Me Come (featuring Ebonylove)
  7. DJ Khaled Interlude (featuring DJ Khaled)
  8. This Is The Life
  9. This Me
  10. Here I Am (featuring Nelly and Avery Storm)
  11. Maybach Music (featuring Jay-Z)
  12. Billionaire
  13. Luxury Tax (featuring Lil' Wayne, Trick Daddy and Young Jeezy)
  14. Reppin' My City (featuring Triple C and Brisco)
  15. I'm Only Human (featuring Rodney)
  16. Ridin' Through The Ghetto (featuring Triple C and J Rock)

Deeper Than Rap (2009)Edit

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap
Deeper Than Rap
  1. Mafia Music
  2. Maybach Music 2 (featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and T-Pain)
  3. Magnificent (featuring John Legend)
  4. Yacht Club (featuring Magazeen)
  5. Usual Suspects (featuring Nas and Kevin Cossom)
  6. All I Really Want (featuring The-Dream)
  7. Rich Off Cocaine (featuring Avery Storm)
  8. Lay Back (featuring Robin Thicke)
  9. Murda Mami (featuring Foxy Brown and Magazeen)
  10. Gunplay (featuring Gunplay)
  11. Bossy Lady (featuring Ne-Yo)
  12. Face (featuring Trina)
  13. Valley of Death
  14. In Cold Blood

Teflon Don (2010)Edit

Rick Ross - Teflon Don
Teflon Don
  1. I'm Not A Star
  2. Free Mason (featuring Jay-Z and John Legend)
  3. Tears of Joy (featuring Cee Lo Green)
  4. Maybach Music III (featuring T.I., Jadakiss and Erykah Badu)
  5. Live Fast, Die Young (featuring Kanye West)
  6. Super High (featuring Ne-Yo)
  7. No. 1 (featuring Trey Songz and Diddy)
  8. MC Hammer (featuring Gucci Mane)
  9. B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) (featuring Styles P)
  10. Aston Martin Music (featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele)
  11. All the Money in the World (featuring Raphael Saadiq)

God Forgives, I Don't (2012)Edit

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't
God Forgives, I Don't
  1. Pray for Us
  2. Pirates
  3. 3 Kings (featuring Dr. Dre and Jay-Z)
  4. Ashamed
  5. Maybach Music IV (featuring Ne-Yo)
  6. Sixteen (featuring André 3000)
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Hold Me Back
  9. 911
  10. So Sophisticated (featuring Meek Mill)
  11. Presidential (featuring Elijah Blake)
  12. Ice Cold (featuring Omarion)
  13. Touch'N You (featuring Usher)
  14. Diced Pineapples (featuring Wale and Drake)
  15. Ten Jesus Pieces (featuring Stalley)
  16. Triple Beam Dreams (featuring Nas) (Deluxe edition track)
  17. Rich Forever (featuring John Legend) (Deluxe edition track)

Mastermind (2014)Edit

Rick Ross - Mastermind
  1. Intro
  2. Rich Is Gangsta
  3. Drug Dealers Dream
  4. Shots Fired
  5. Nobody (featuring French Montana and Diddy)
  6. The Devil Is a Lie (featuring Jay-Z)
  7. Mafia Music III (featuring Sizzla and Mavado)
  8. War Ready (featuring Jeezy)
  9. What a Shame (featuring French Montana)
  10. Supreme
  11. BLK & WHT
  12. Dope Bitch
  13. In Vein (featuring The Weeknd)
  14. Sanctified (featuring Kanye West and Big Sean)
  15. Walkin' on Air (featuring Meek Mill)
  16. Thug Cry (featuring Lil Wayne)
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. Blessing in Disguise (featuring Scarface and Z-Ro)
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. You Know I Got It (Reprise)

Other SongsEdit

  1. 10 Bricks
  2. 9 Piece Remix
  3. 9 Piece
  4. America's Most Wanted
  5. Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.)
  6. B.M.F.
  7. Big Bank
  8. Black Man's Dream
  9. Boss Lady
  10. Bricks
  11. Chevy Anthem
  12. Chevy Ridin High
  13. Chevy Ridin' High"
  14. Chevy Ridin' High
  15. Cry
  16. Devil In A New Dress
  17. Dj Khaled Interlude
  18. Even Deeper
  19. Everyday Im Hustlin'
  20. Finals
  21. Fire Hazard
  22. Freeze Me Remix
  23. Fuck With Your Shoes On
  24. Hard In The Paint
  25. Holla At Me
  26. Holy Ghost
  27. Hustlin' (Street Mix)
  28. Hustlin' Remix
  29. I Love My Bitches
  30. I Really Want
  31. John Doe
  32. John
  33. Looking For Love
  34. Luxery Tax
  35. Made Men
  36. Mafia Music (Remix)
  37. Maybach Music Pt. 2
  38. Money Make Me Cum
  39. Money Maker
  40. No Games
  41. Only Human
  42. Pandemonium
  43. Party Heart
  44. Perfectionist
  45. Play Your Part
  46. Quiet Storm
  47. Reebok Back
  48. Reppin My City
  49. Retrosuperfuture
  50. Robin Thicke
  51. She Crazy
  52. Shot To Heart Heart
  53. Shot To The Heart (Duck Season)
  54. Shot To The Heart (Remix)
  55. Speedin' (Remix)
  56. Speeding (Remix)
  57. Stay Schemin'
  58. Street Money
  59. Striptease
  60. Summer's Mine
  61. Sunglasses
  62. The Boss Remix
  63. The Transporter
  64. Tick Of Time
  65. Touch 'N You
  66. Unsual Suspects
  67. We Shining
  68. Where My Money (I Need That)
  69. Yacht Club Remix
  70. You The Boss

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