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Otra Guerrillera Mixtape Vol. 1Edit

  1. Otr@ Guerriller@
  2. Hijo del Barrio
  3. Dem Days
  4. Yo Doy Todo
  5. My Dust
  6. Baby Boy
  7. Crush
  8. Pistola Clap
  9. Oh Why
  10. Canto

Otro Guerrillero Mixtape Vol. 2Edit

  1. Which Side Are You On?
  2. Calma (feat. Hipnotic)
  3. Mi Pueblo (The People Remix)
  4. Que'Sta Pasando! (feat. Divine of the D.E.Y.)
  5. Street Soldier
  6. Pistola Clap Remix (feat Tony Centrino)
  7. Free Again (feat M1 of Dead Prez)
  8. Halfway
  9. If I Can't Dance...
  10. El Tiempo Pasa
  11. Terrible Chilean
  12. Cancion del Immigrante
  13. Window (feat. Soulstice)

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