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R. Kelly
Album by R. Kelly.
  1. TP-2
  2. Strip for You
  3. R&B Thug
  4. The Greatest Sex
  5. I Don't Mean It
  6. Just Like That
  7. Like a Real Freak (featuring General)
  8. Fiesta (featuring Boo & Gotti)
  9. Don't You Say No
  10. The Real R. Kelly
  11. One Me
  12. I Wish
  13. A Woman's Threat
  14. I Decided
  15. I Mean (I Don't Mean It)
  16. I Wish Remix (To the Homies That We Lost) (featuring Boo & Gotti)
  17. All I Really Want
  18. Feelin' On Yo Booty
  19. The Storm is Over Now
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