R. Kelly:Happy People / U Saved Me (2004)

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R. Kelly
Album by R. Kelly.
Disc One (Happy People)
  1. Weatherman
  2. Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)
  3. Love Signals
  4. Love Street
  5. Ladies Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)
  6. If
  7. The Greatest Show on Earth
  8. It's Your Birthday
  9. Steppin' Into Heaven
  10. If I Could Make the World Dance
  11. Happy People
Disc One (U saved Me)
  1. 3-Way Phone Call
  2. U Saved Me
  3. Prayer Changes
  4. How Did You Manage
  5. I Surrender
  6. When I Think About You
  7. The Diary of Me
  8. Spirit
  9. Leap Of Faith
  10. Peace
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