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Out of Knowhere (2003)Edit

Propaganda - Out of Knowhere
Out of Knowhere
  1. Intro
  2. Keep It Live
  3. I Know
  4. Interlude
  5. Time and a Place
  6. We Are
  7. My Life, My Music
  8. You Ain't Ready
  9. Interlude
  10. Don't Let Us Lose It
  11. Ya Never Know (Played by the Game)
  12. Keep On Singin'
  13. We "Sketchbooks"
  14. Move With Me
  15. It's Just Life

I Am Not Them (2006)Edit

Propaganda (US) - I Am Not Them
I Am Not Them
  1. Time
  2. Locked
  3. I Am Not Them
  4. We Phenomenons
  5. Ready to Leave
  6. Tired of Lying
  7. Like Woah

Art Ambidextrous (2011)Edit

Propaganda & Odd Thomas - Art Ambidextrous
Art Ambidextrous
  1. The City
  2. So Help Me
  3. Lean
  4. Inheritance
  5. Interlude
  6. I Hate It
  7. Change This World
  8. Beautiful Pain
  9. Dig
  10. Como Se Dice
  11. Art Ambidextrous

Excellent (2012)Edit

Propaganda (US) - Excellent
  1. Don't Listen to Me
  2. Excellent
  3. Redefined Cutter (featuring Lee Green)
  4. Raise the Banner
  5. Excellent Analogy (featuring Alphonso McAuley)
  6. Conquer (featuring Theory Hazit)
  7. Precious Puritans (featuring Kevin "K.O." Olusola)
  8. Forgive Me For Asking
  9. I Ain't Got an Answer (featuring Sho Baraka)
  10. Warm Words
  11. Lofty (featuring Ascend The Hill and Beautiful Eulogy)
  12. Be Present (live from Catalyst Atlanta)

Crimson Cord (2014)Edit

Propaganda (US) - Crimson Cord
Crimson Cord
  1. You Mock Me
  2. Crimson Cord
  3. Daywalkers (featuring Lecrae)
  4. Make
  5. Bored of Education
  6. Thanks Rev
  7. I Ain't Gave Up On You Yet
  8. Framed Stretch Marks (featuring Braille)
  9. I Don't See It
  10. Three Cord Bond
  11. How Did We Get Here (featuring Andy Mineo and JGivens)
  12. Redeem (featuring Lee Green)
  13. Tell Me Yours
  14. Make (Bonus Track)

Songs featuring PropagandaEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Redefine Cutter

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