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Pretty Poison
This song is performed by Pretty Poison and appears on the album Catch Me I'm Falling (1988).
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Catch Me (I'm Falling)
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Are you ready boy?
Here I come, catch me I'm falling

You came into my life
The look in your eyes
Took me by surprise
It's you
And nobody else
Your love hase made me
So blind I can't see

I am descending
From heaven above
So catch me I'm fallin baby
Hold onto my love

Catch me I'm falling
Catch me now I'm falling
Catch me I'm falling
Catch me now I'm falling
Falling in love

Two hearts beating in time
The rhythm as one
I am yours, you are mine
For you
I surrender myself
Each night-every day
Always feeling this way

Falling in motion
As though I had wings
Your sweet love and devotion
Baby it's magic
A magical thing


Ooooh baby, what can I do?
I'm falling for you

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