Porcelain Black:Mannequin Factory (2013)

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Porcelain Black
Album by Porcelain Black.
  1. Stealing Candy
  2. Make Me Cry
  3. Swallow My Bullet
  4. Mannequin Factory
  5. Naughty Naughty
  6. This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like (featuring Lil Wayne)
  7. Screamers
  8. King Of The World
  9. I'm Your Favorite Drug
  10. Pretty Little Psycho
  11. How Do You Love Someone?
  12. Black Rainbow
  13. Kisses Lose Their Charm
  14. Mama Forgive Me
  15. Rich Boi
  16. One Woman Army
  17. Livin' A Sin
  18. Rock Angels
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