Pete Seeger:The Rainbow Quest (1960)

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Pete Seeger
Album by Pete Seeger.
  1. Colorado Trail / Spanish Is the Loving Tongue / from Here On Up / Texas Girls / Swarthmore Girls / We Pity Our Boss's Five / the Scabs Crawl In (medley)
  2. Open the Door / Road to Althay / Why Do Scotsmen? / Hold Up Your Petticoat / Oh, There's Two On My Back (medley)
  3. Seek and You Shall Find / Fare Well, Little Fishes / Where Have All the Flowers Gone? / Fu-Ru-Sato (Never Again Shall We Allow Another Atom Bomb to Fall) / Step By Step / Joe Hill's Last Will (medley)
  4. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
  5. There's Better Things to Do
  6. The Dove
  7. Five Fingers
  8. To Everyone In All the World
  9. We Are Moving On to Victory
  10. Don't You Weep After Me
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