Pete Seeger:Gazette, Vol. 1 (1958)

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Pete Seeger
Album by Pete Seeger.
  1. Pretty Boy Floyd
  2. Banks Of Marble
  3. TVA Song
  4. Martian Love Song
  5. 42 Kids
  6. State of Arkansas (My Name Is Terry Roberts)
  7. Declaration of Independence
  8. The Wild West Is Where I Want to Be
  9. The Ballad of Sherman Wu
  10. Roll On Columbia
  11. The Sinking of the Reuben James
  12. Then We'll Have Peace
  13. The Scaler
  14. Newspapermen
  15. Talking Atom (Old Man Atom)
  16. Teacher's Blues
  17. The Demi Song
  18. The Battle of Maxton Field
  19. Doctor Freud
  20. There Is Mean Things Happening In This Land
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