Nox Arcana:Theater Of Illusion (2010)

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Nox Arcana
Album by Nox Arcana.
  1. Abracadabra
  2. Cobwebs
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Forgotten Dreams
  5. Edge Of Darkness
  6. Phantom Theater
  7. Hypnos
  8. The Curtain Rises
  9. The Crimson Hourglass
  10. Sinister Cabaret
  11. Necromancer
  12. The Mask Of Arcana
  13. Shadowplay
  14. Voodoo
  15. Mysterium
  16. The Swords Of Kali
  17. Smoke And Mirrors
  18. The Prestige
  19. Black Fire
  20. Dark Destiny
  21. Lord Of Illusions
  22. Hidden Track 1
  23. Your Destiny Awaits (Hidden Track 2)

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