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Nick Cannon (2003)Edit

Nick Cannon - Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon
  1. Get Crunk Shorty (featuring Ying Yang Twins and Fatman Scoop)
  2. Feelin' Freaky (featuring B2K)
  3. Gigolo (featuring R. Kelly)
  4. Whenever You Need Me (featuring Mary J. Blige)
  5. You
  6. I Used to Be in Love (featuring Joe)
  7. My Rib
  8. Attitude
  9. Main Girl (featuring Nivea)
  10. My Mic (featuring Biz Markie)
  11. I Owe You
  12. Your Pops Don't Like Me (I Really Don't Like This Dude)

Mr. Showbiz (2011)Edit

Nick Cannon - Mr. Showbiz
Mr. Showbiz
  1. Mr. Showbiz Intro
  2. No Homo
  3. Married to Mariah
  4. Wedding Guests
  5. Meeting
  6. Hood Habits
  7. Cheap Mom
  8. Juicy
  9. My Grandfather
  10. I'm Not That Gangsta
  11. Who is U Wit?
  12. Drunk White Dudes
  13. The N Word
  14. Ending Racism

White People Party Music (2013)Edit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Angel From Above
  2. Can I Live?
  3. Can I Live
  4. Dime Piece
  5. Famous
  6. George Bush
  7. Git Down
  8. I'm Scared Of You
  9. I'm So Wack
  10. Ima Slick Rick
  11. My Wife
  12. Nick Cannon Theme Song
  13. Shorty (Put It On The Floor)
  14. You My Girl
  15. Your Pops Don't Like Me I Really Don't Like This Dude
  16. Your Pops Don't Like Me

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