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This song is performed by NaNa and appears on the album Imaginary Man (2002).
No one looks
Nobody else talks to me
Ever shows me
Ever calls me

Can't show
I can't say to anybody
And everybody

Ah, ah, ah all around all around

Nowhere, I can't go anywhere
I can't cut myself free

No win
Whatever I may do
Whatever I may talk about

Ah, ah, ah Not anything, anybody

Squeeze my way through the swirling fog
Ah... Cry of the wandering spirit, the cry

Don't say, please don't say anything
Just for me Just for me
Don't ask, please don't ask me any more
Just for me Just for me

Some day, one day
Certainly, surely, definitely, I'll bet
Down the road
All about me
I will I will

Ah Cry of the wandering spirit, the cry

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