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Mystery (1992)Edit

Mystery - Mystery
  1. Dreaming
  2. Heart of Stone
  3. Never Close your Eyes
  4. In my Dreams
  5. Cinderella

Theatre of the Mind (1996)Edit

Mystery - Theatre of the Mind
Theatre of the Mind
  1. Theatre of the Mind
  2. Lonely Heart
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. Virtual Mentality
  5. The Inner Journey - Part I
  6. Black Roses
  7. Rythmizomena
  8. In my Dreams
  9. Believe in your Dreams
  10. The Inner Journey - Part II

Destiny? (1998)Edit

Mystery - Destiny
Destiny? (10th Anniversary Edition)
  1. Legend
  2. Destiny?
  3. Slave to Liberty
  4. Before the Dawn
  5. Queen of Vajra Space
  6. The Mourning Man
  7. Submerged
  8. Shadow of the Lake
Bonus track on 10th Anniversary Edition
  1. Heaven Can Wait

Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face (2007)Edit

Mystery - Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
  1. As I Am
  2. Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
  3. Snowhite
  4. Travel to the Night
  5. The Scarlet Eye
  6. The Third Dream
  7. Voyage to the Other Side
  8. The Sailor and the Mermaid
  9. The Awakening
  10. The Preacher's Fall

One Among the Living (2010)Edit

Mystery - One Among the Living
One Among the Living
  1. Among the Living
  2. Wolf
  3. Between Love and Hate
  4. Till the Truth Comes Out
  5. Kameleon Man
  6. Through Different Eyes - I) When Sorrow turns to Pain
  7. Through Different Eyes - II) Apocalyptic Visions of Paradise
  8. Through Different Eyes - III) So Far Away
  9. Through Different Eyes - IV) The Point of No Return
  10. Through Different Eyes - V) The Silent Scream
  11. Through Different Eyes - VI) Dancing with Butterflies
  12. One Among the Living
  13. The Falling Man
  14. Sailing on a Wing

The World is a Game (2012)Edit

Mystery - The World is a Game
The World is a Game
  1. A Morning Rise
  2. Pride
  3. Superstar
  4. The Unwinding of Time
  5. The World is a Game
  6. Dear Someone
  7. Time Goes By
  8. Another Day


Live albumsEdit

Other appearancesEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Through Different Eyes

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1986–1991 (Hiatus)
  • 1993–present
Band members:
  • Michel St-Père
  • Jean Pageau
Former members:
  • Raymond Savoie
  • Stéphane Perreault
  • Benoît Dupuis
  • Gary Savoie
  • Richard Addison
  • Patrick Bourque
  • Michel Painchaud
  • Steve Gagné
  • Anne Charbonneau
  • Benoît David Wikipedia16
  • François Fournier
  • Dean Baldwin
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