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Bring Me The Workhorse (2006)Edit

My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me The Workhorse
Bring Me The Workhorse
  1. Something Of An End
  2. Golden Star
  3. Gone Away
  4. Dragonfly
  5. Freak Out
  6. We Were Sparkling
  7. Disappear
  8. The Robin's Jar
  9. Magic Rabbit
  10. The Good & the Bad Guy
  11. Workhorse

A Thousand Shark's Teeth (2008)Edit

My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark's Teeth
A Thousand Shark's Teeth
  1. Inside a Boy
  2. Ice and Storm
  3. If I Were Queen
  4. Apples
  5. From the Top of the World
  6. Black and Costaud
  7. To Pluto's Moon
  8. Bass Player
  9. Goodbye Forever
  10. Like a Sieve
  11. The Diamond

All Things Will Unwind (2011)Edit

My Brightest Diamond - All Things Will Unwind
All Things Will Unwind
  1. We Added It Up
  2. Reaching Through to the Other Side
  3. In the Beginning
  4. Escape Routes
  5. Be Brave
  6. She Does Not Brave the War
  7. Ding Dang
  8. There's a Rat
  9. High Low Middle
  10. Everything Is in Line
  11. I Have Never Loved Someone

Songs from CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Riding Horses
  2. The Good And The Bad Guy
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