Moonspell:2econd Skin (1997)

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EP by Moonspell.
  1. 2econd Skin
  2. Erotik Alkemy (Per-Version)
  3. Sacred
  4. 2econd Skin (Video Edit)
  5. Opium live
  6. Awake live
  7. Herr Spiegelman live
  8. ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride) live
  9. Ruin And Misery live
  10. Mephisto live
  11. Alma Mater live
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Albums by Moonspell

Albums: Under the Moonspell (1994)Wolfheart (1995))Irreligious (1996)SIN/Pecado (1998)The Butterfly Effect (1999)Darkness and Hope (2001))The Antidote (2003)Memorial (2006)Under Satanæ (2007)Night Eternal (2008)Alpha Noir (2012)

Live Albums and Compilations: 2econd Skin (1997)The Great Silver Eye (2007)Lusitanian Metal (2008)

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