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Michael Stanley (1972)Edit

Michael Stanley - Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley
  1. Rosewood Bitters
  2. Denver Rain
  3. Louisville A.D.
  4. A Friend and Nothing More
  5. Rock & Roll Man
  6. Moving Right Along
  7. Resurrection
  8. Good Time Charlie
  9. Song for a Friend Soon Gone
  10. Subterranean Homesick Blues

Friends and Legends (1973)Edit

Michael Stanley - Friends And Legends
Friends and Legends
  1. Among My Friends Again
  2. Help
  3. Yours for a Song
  4. Let's Get the Show on the Road
  5. Just Keep Playing Your Radio
  6. Roll On
  7. Bad Habits
  8. Funky Is the Drummer
  9. Poets' Day

Other Songs Edit

  1. Any Other Fool
  2. Falling In Love Again
  3. He Can't Love You
  4. Hey Angel
  5. Lover
  6. Midwest Midnight
  7. My Town
  8. Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind
  9. One Good Reason
  10. Someone Like You
  11. Why Should Love Be This Way

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