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Mediæval Bæbes
This song is performed by Mediæval Bæbes and appears on the album Undrentide (2000).
This song is a cover of "Palästinalied" by Walther Von Der Vogelweide.
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Middle High German LyricsEdit

Aller êrst lebe ich mir werde
Sît mîn sündic ouge siht
Daz reine lant und ouch die erde
Der man sô vil êren giht
Mirst geschehen des ich ie bat
Ich bin komen an die stat
Da got mennischlichen trat

Schæniu lant rîch unde hêre
Waz ich der noch han gesehen
Sô bist duz ir aller êre
Waz ist wunders hie geschehen!
Daz ein magt ein kint gebar
Here ubr aller engel schar
Waz daz niht ein wunder gar?

Hie lies er sich reine tovfen
Daz der mensche reine si
Do lies er sich hie verkovfen
Daz wir eigen wurden fri
Anders weren wir verlorn
Wol dir sper kriuce vnde dorn
Wie dir ze den ist din zorn

Daz in dô des niht verdrôz
Dast ein wunder alze grôz
Aller wunder übergnôz

English TranslationEdit

My life only now has a deeper meaning
These sinful eyes have gazed
Upon his holy ground
The land so greatly praised and deeply cherished
I now experience what I have long since prayed for
I have arrived where God, as man
Has walked among us

Many countries, mighty, rich and splendid
Have I seen
You shine above them all
So many wonderous things have happened here!
That a maiden has born a child
Lord of all the hosts of angels
Is that not a miracle?

Here he was baptized,
So Man could be purified.
He let himself be sold,
So we could be free—
Differently, we’d be lost.
Woe! Spear! Cross and Thorn:
Thine rage is like they!

We need not despair
For this mighty miracle
Is grander still than before

Lyrics by:

Walther von der Vogelweide, 1217 AD

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