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Remember (2009)Edit

Mayhem (Klippa) - Remember
  1. Remember
  2. Oops
  3. Glimmer
  4. Full On
  5. Lifemover Arms (Mayhem Remix)
  6. Get Grimey (featuring Klippa)

Eggs and Other Songs (2009)Edit

Mayhem (Klippa) - Eggs And Other Songs
Eggs and Other Songs
  1. Eggs
  2. Doctor Rocker
  3. Dreamer
  4. Shockrocker
  5. Sweet Module Rainbow Ride (featuring Kitsune²)
  6. The Sound (Mayhem Solo Edit)
  7. 120 Red
  8. Life Force (Mayhem Remix) by Jackal Queenston
  9. Remember
  10. Electro Cute (featuring Adraen)
  11. Real Fucking Monster (featuring Azrael)
  12. Drift
  13. Lifemover Arms (Mayhem Remix) by Klippa
  14. Oops
  15. Glimmer
  16. Full On
  17. Laugh at Life (Mayhem's Jawsome Remix)

I Am the Tower (2011)Edit

Mayhem (Klippa) - I Am The Tower
I Am the Tower
  1. I Am the Tower
  2. I Am the Tower (Klippa Remix)

Torpedo Torpedo (2010)Edit

Mayhem - Torpedo Torpedo
Torpedo Torpedo
  1. Torpedo Torpedo
  2. The Crunch
  3. Don't Cry Jennifer
  4. Space Dog Escape Pod
  5. Dizzy, Codemaster
  6. Punisher
  7. West Mansion
  8. Tank! Tank! Tank!
  9. Galaxy Eater (REMASTER)
  10. Stylostyler (REMASTER)
  11. Fire Engine (REMASTER)
  12. Home Row (REMASTER)
  13. How I Love (REMASTER)
  14. White Death (REMASTER)
  15. Future Fighter (REMASTER)
  16. Better Day (REMASTER)
  17. Nailgun (REMASTER)
  18. Rescue (REMASTER)

Based Shark (2011)Edit

Mayhem (Klippa) - BASEDSHARK
Based Shark
  1. Nintendon't
  2. Raveopolis
  3. He Pukes Based Shark
  4. Scratch & Snuff
  5. Humanoid (Mayhem Remix) by The Queenstons

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