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Mandy (2009)Edit

[[File:Mandy -
  1. Stay With Me tonight
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. Victim of Pleasure
  4. Duel
  5. Boys And Girls
  6. If It Makes You Feel Good
  7. Positive Reaction
  8. Say It's Love (Love House)
  9. He's My Boy
  10. You're Never Alone
  11. Don't You Want Me Baby?
  12. Got To Be Certain
  13. Terry (12” Mix)
  14. Positive Reaction (Our Mandy's Extended Mix†)
  15. Boys And Girls (Acid Remix)
  16. Victim Of Pleasure (Daize On Nights Mix)
  17. Don't You Want Me Baby? (Original Mix)
  18. Mandy's Theme (I Just Can't Wait) (The Cool And Breezy Jazz Version)

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Just Can't Wait
  2. Positive Reaction
  3. Victim Of Pleasure

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