Malinky:Flower And Iron (2008)

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Album by Malinky.
  1. Pad The Road Wi Me
  2. The Broomfield Hill
  3. When Margaret Was Eleven
  4. Gan Te The Kye Wi Me-The Cottongrass
  5. Dark Horse on The Wind
  6. The Shipyard Apprentice
  7. Sweet Willie And Fair Annie
  8. The Drunken Duck-The Ronan Boys-The Chattering Magpie-The Famous Ballymote
  9. The Ploughboy And The Maid-Give It A Wee Try
  10. Janice Leask Of Lerwick-Why Should I?-Jock Hosie's Fancy
  11. Cavers Of Kirkcudbright-Ruaraidh Mor's Lullaby
  12. The Road Tae Drumleman
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