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Song of the Day

Song: "Lose To Live" by Strawberry Alarm Clock
Nominated by: XxTimberlakexx
Date: July 09, 2014
Reason: Strawberry Alarm Clock, a band widely known for only one song, has many other great gems in their catalog - this being one of them. An interesting song, it is driven by a powerful harpsichord riff, and an incredibly complex drum solo in the middle. To top it off, Lee Freeman belts out some killer vocals over everything else. This song is one of many in their catalog that showcases their great, yet underappreciated talent.

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    lyrics web

    2 July 2014 by Cristiancd

    We are a lyrics website based in Argentina, we love jamaican, reggae artists, so our target is jamaica. [1]

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    Partha Sarathi Paul

    Darling, you......

    Darling, you didn`t creep into my heart you walked straight in with a gait smart Darling, I did see you come in and felt my heart filled with joy within.

    Darling, I didn`t stop you t…

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    Released: 2013

    Genre: Progressive Power Metal

    Double CD Limited Edition 500 Copies

    Country: México

    Obertura del Guerrero

    En la inmensidad del bosque hallarás A un guerrero llorar por su amor in…

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