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This song is performed by Macklemore.
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*doorbell ring*

Walked in with the pinstripes, whuddup
Doormans like "you on the list?" Like shhi-
I should be there like after the l's
Said it's too early to tell
Fuck it go ahead
Afrika Bambaataa, cool herc was loopin the break beat
Rock Steady was breakin', that's wassup ????
Proceeded up to the bar one tak 183 and flat black was tight on the wall
and went to bomb broadway
Sugar hill Run DMC were kickin' raps
Busta and the beasties came in, drinking brass monkeys
Bumrushed the show, hopped on stage then
a whole bunch of white dudes opened the door and came in
after ed lover, dr. dre then big daddy cane
said there ain't no hash-stepping, walk this way
went to the next room had the 90's on it, "hell yeah"
Ayo it smell like chronic
Hella juice & gin
I grab my cup, try to fill it to the brim
somebody said "Ayo, you ain't chipped in? I'm playing nephew, go ahead"
Ice Cube was shopping ???

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