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Welcome to the LyricWikia Community Portal

An area for beginners and veterans alike, to discuss, share, air and ventilate. Here you can contact the community about problems, about bugs, or even just to say "Hi!".

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Page Ranking Is Here!

As laid out on the policy page, there is now a ranking system for songs, albums and artists.

Ranking helps us to identify which pages are in need of the most work and which pages are considered "done". Look for the coloured star at the top of each page to establish the page's current rank.

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Do you know what's happening in the music world?

Got some news you want to share?

Come tell us!

Did you know...
  • UberBot
    More than 200,000 of the lyrics that can be found here were originally gathered by a bot called ÜberBot. He crawled several lyrics sites in order to complete this task.
  • Cubestat estimates the worth of LyricWiki at more than $10,600,000!
  • James Last was born on the 17th of April, like Sean Colombo, the founder of LyricWiki.


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