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Selected Scenes From The End Of The World (1992)Edit

London After Midnight - Selected Scenes From The End Of The World
Selected Scenes From The End Of The World
  1. October
  2. Revenge
  3. Nightmare
  4. Spider And The Fly
  5. Claire's Horrors
  6. Sacrifice
  7. This Paradise
  8. The Black Cat
  9. Your Best Nightmare

Re-edition bonus tracks:

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Inamourada
  3. Trick Or Treat
  4. This Paradise (03 Mix)
  5. The Black Cat (03 Mix)

Psycho Magnet (1995)Edit

London After Midnight - Psycho Magnet
Psycho Magnet
  1. Psycho Magnet
  2. Where Good Girls Go To Die
  3. Innocence Lost (Intro)
  4. Kiss
  5. Shatter (All My Dead Friends)
  6. The Bondage Song
  7. A Letter To God
  8. Carry On... Screaming (Ruins)
  9. Theme From The Film Love And Affliction
  10. Hate!
  11. Where Good Girls Go To Die
  12. Kiss (Ra Mix)

Oddities (1998)Edit

London After Midnight - Oddities
  1. The Christmas Song
  2. Let Me Break You
  3. Splinter (Live)
  4. Your Best Nightmare (Acoustic/Live)
  5. Shatter (Acoustic/Live)
  6. Claire's Horrors (Acoustic/Live)
  7. Atmosphere
  8. A Letter To God (Live)
  9. Sacrifice (Live)
  10. Sally's Song
  11. Demon
  12. Untitled
  13. Spider And The Fly (Acoustic Tangle Web Mix)
  14. Ice

Violent Acts Of Beauty (2007)Edit

London After Midnight - Violent Acts Of Beauty
Violent Acts Of Beauty
  1. The Beginning Of The End
  2. Feeling Fascist?
  3. Nothing's Sacred
  4. Heaven Now
  5. America's A Fucking Disease
  6. Complex Messiah
  7. Republic
  8. Fear
  9. Pure
  10. The Kids Are All Wrong
  11. Love You To Death
  12. The Pain Looks Good On You

Other SongsEdit

  1. America's A Fucking Disease (Edit)

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