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Blue Lightnin' (1965)Edit

Lightnin' Hopkins - Blue Lightnin'
Blue Lightnin'
  1. Found My Baby Crying
  2. Move On Out, Pt. 1
  3. Back Door Friends
  4. Fishing Clothes
  5. Morning Blues
  6. Gambler's Blues
  7. Wig Wearing Woman
  8. Lonesome Dog Blues
  9. Last Affair
  10. Move On Out, Pt. 2

Hello Central: The Best of Lightnin' Hopkins (2004)Edit

Lightnin' Hopkins - Hello Central- The Best of Lightnin' Hopkins
Hello Central: The Best of Lightnin' Hopkins
  1. Home In The Woods (No Good Woman)
  2. Hello Central (Give Me Central)
  3. Gotta Move
  4. Broken Hearted Blues
  5. Bald Headed Woman
  6. Buck Dance Boogie (Papa Bones Boogie)
  7. Freight Train
  8. Everybody's Down On Me
  9. Coffee Blues
  10. I'm Begging You
  11. Why Did You Get Mad At Me
  12. Long Way From Texas
  13. Worried Blues
  14. Happy New Year
  15. Down To The River
  16. You Do Too (I'll Never Forget The Day)
  17. Tap Dance Boogie
  18. New Short Haired Woman
  19. Tell Me Boogie (Mad As I Can Be)
  20. My Heart To Weep

Cadillac Blues (2005)Edit

Lightnin' Hopkins - Cadillac Blues
Cadillac Blues
  1. Big Black Cadillac Blues
  2. Early In The Morning Blues
  3. Coffee House Blues
  4. I've Been 'Buked And Scorned
  5. Stoll Pigeon Blues
  6. Brand New Car
  7. Drinking In The Blues
  8. Shinin' Blues
  9. Ball Of Twine
  10. Fugitive Blues
  11. G String Blues
  12. Grandma Told Grandpa
  13. Rain
  14. Goin' To Dallas
  15. Last Night
  16. Shake It Baby

The Blues Archives: Lightnin' Hopkins (2008)Edit

  1. Sante Fe Blues
  2. Goin' Back Home
  3. Good Times
  4. Shake It Baby
  5. I'll Be Gone
  6. Shaggy Dog
  7. Shining Moon
  8. What'd I Say
  9. California Landslide
  10. Talk Of The Town
  11. Don't Wake Me
  12. I'm Gonna Meet My Baby Somewhere
  13. Jake Head
  14. Don't Treat That Man, Way You Treat Me
  15. Big Car Blues
  16. Sittin' Down Thinkin'
  17. Lonesome Dog
  18. Rosie Mae
  19. Leave Jike Mary Alone
  20. Easy On Your Heels
  21. You Treat Poor Lightnin' Wrong

Lightnin' Blues (2011)Edit

Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Blues
Lightnin' Blues
  1. Chain Gang Blues (Aka Early In The Morning)
  2. Get Off My Toe
  3. You Treat Po' Lightin' Wrong
  4. You Gonna Need Somebody To Go Your Bond (Aka I've Been 'Buked And Scorned)
  5. Medley: Introduction/Big Car Blues
  6. Coffee House Blues
  7. I Heard My Children Crying
  8. Lightnin' Don't Feel Well
  9. I'm Gonna Meet My Baby Somewhere
  10. Don't Treat That Man Way You Treat Me
  11. Stool Pigeon Blues
  12. There's Good Rockin' Tonight

Other SongsEdit

  1. Black Cat
  2. Blues For My Cookie
  3. Bring Me My Shotgun
  4. Catfish Blues
  5. Conversation Blues
  6. Darling, Do You Remember Me?
  7. Death Bells
  8. Don't Think Cause You're Pretty
  9. Feel So Bad
  10. Hard To Love A Woman
  11. I Asked The Bossman
  12. I Work Down On The Chain Gang
  13. Last Night Blues
  14. Long Time
  15. Miss Loretta
  16. Mistreated Blues
  17. My Black Name
  18. Pneumonia Blues
  19. Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
  20. Santa Fe Blues
  21. Shaggy Dad
  22. Short Haired Woman
  23. Shotgun Blues
  24. So Long Baby
  25. Tim Moore's Farm
  26. Too Many Drivers
  27. You Is One Black Rat
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