Lawnmower Deth:The Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns (1992)

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Lawnmower Deth
Album by Lawnmower Deth.
  1. The Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
  2. Jaggered Wedge
  3. Bad Toad
  4. Feet Cleaner
  5. Drunk In Charge Of An Ugly Face
  6. Paraniod Polaroid
  7. Frash For Cash
  8. Crazy Horses
  9. Enter Mr. Formica (Icky Ficky Pt. Ii)
  10. Lawnmowers For Heroes, Comics For Zeros
  11. Urban Surfer 125
  12. A Is For Asswipe
  13. Sorrow (So Dark, So Scared)
  14. Goldfish Podge
  15. R.F.Potts
  16. Wormy Eyes
  17. Be Scene, Not Heard
  18. Egg Sandwich
  19. Anyone For Tinnies
  20. King Of The Pharaohs
  21. Illinois Enema Bandit
  22. Fookin' Moo Vit
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