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Kleerup (2008)Edit

Kleerup - Kleerup
  1. Hero
  2. Until We Bleed
  3. Thank You For Nothing
  4. With Every Heartbeat
  5. Tower Of Trellick
  6. Longing For Lullabies
  7. Music For Girl
  8. Chords
  9. Forever
  10. 3am
  11. On My Own Again
  12. I Just Want To Make That Sad Boy Smile
  13. History

As If We Never Won (2014)Edit

Kleerup - As If We Never Won
As If We Never Won
  1. Sad Boys
  2. Let Me In (featuring Susanne Sundfør)
  3. Nothing Left To Die For (featuring Jenny Wilson)
  4. Rock U (featuring Niki & The Dove)
  5. As If We Never Won (featuring Maja Ivarsson)
  6. Thank God For Sending Demons

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