Kenny Rogers:The Ballad Of Calico (1972)

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Kenny Rogers
Album by Kenny Rogers.
  1. Sunrise Overture
  2. Calico Silver
  3. Write Me Down (Don't Forget My Name)
  4. Way It Used to Be
  5. Madame de Lil and Diabolical Bill
  6. School Teacher
  7. Road Agent
  8. Sally Grey's Epitaph
  9. Dorsey, Mail Carrying Dog
  10. Harbor for My Soul
  11. Calico Saturday Night
  12. Trigger Happy Kid
  13. Vachel Carling's Rubilator
  14. Empty Handed Compadres
  15. One Lonely Room
  16. Rockin' Chair Theme
  17. Old Mojave Highway
  18. Man Came Up from Town
  19. Calico Silver (Reprise)
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