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Kari Bremnes
Album by Kari Bremnes.
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Album cover for <<Ly>> by <<Kari Bremnes>>.
  • Artist:   [[<<Kari Bremnes>>]]
  • Album:    [[<<Kari Bremnes>>:<<Ly>> (<<2009>>)|<<Ly>>]]
  • Released: [[:Category:Albums released in <<2009>>|<<2009>>]]
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Your new LP has an all in all lighter note. Beginning with the cover with its light colours and even a bit of sunshine. The music, especially songs like “Passelig Dose” and “Kåpa I Milano” are unusually light, not to say sunny. Was that a decision or a development while writing and recording the album?

Kari Bremnes: Oh, this was a development while writing. The only thing I decide before I start writing songs for a new album is actually that I want to write some new songs, and then I write about things that come to my mind. I think darkness and light live in the same room, shoulder by shoulder, there is something funny in almost everything – and also there is blues in most things. I like this to appear in my songs as well. Maybe I have made it even more clear this time, with this album. I agree that "Ly" has a lighter side, especially in the music. And the cover, I was so convinced that the photos should be taken in the north, in Lofoten islands, where I come from. I like the beauty of white winter.


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  6. Kari Bremnes:Egentlig en Danser
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