Joy Division:Closer (1980)

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Joy Division
Album by Joy Division.
  1. Atrocity Exhibition
  2. Isolation
  3. Passover
  4. Colony
  5. A Means To An End
  6. Heart And Soul
  7. Twenty Four Hours
  8. The Eternal
  9. Decades
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Albums by Joy Division

Albums: Unknown Pleasures (1979)Closer (1980)

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Singles: Transmission / Novelty (1979)Licht Und Blindheit (1980)Komakino (1980)Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980)Atmosphere / She's Lost Control (1980)

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Compilation albums: Still (1981)Substance (1988)Heart and Soul (1997)The Best of Joy Division (2008)

Compilations: A Factory Sample (1979)Earcom 2 (1979)

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