John Cooper Clarke:Zip Style Method (1982)

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John Cooper Clarke
  1. Midnight Shift
  2. The New Assassin
  3. The Face Behind the Scream
  4. I Travel in Biscuits
  5. The Day the World Stood Still
  6. A Heart Disease Called Love
  7. The Ghost of Al Capone
  8. Ninety Degrees in My Shades
  9. The Day My Pad Went Mad
  10. I Wanna Be Yours
  11. Drive She Said
  12. Night People
Bonus Tracks on 2007 reissue (John Peel sessions)
  1. Midnight Shift (Radio 1 live version)
  2. The Day My Pad Went Mad (Radio 1 live version)
  3. Night People (Radio 1 live version)
  4. The New Assassin (Radio 1 live version)
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Albums by John Cooper Clarke

Albums: Où est la maison de fromage ? (1978)Disguise in Love (1978)Snap, Crackle & Bop (1980)Zip Style Method (1982)

Singles: Innocents EP (1977)Post-War Glamour Girl (1978)Gimmix (1979)Splat / Twat (1979)It Man (1980)Night People (1982)The Day My Pad Went Mad (1982)

Compilations: Me and My Big Mouth (1981)

Live releases: Walking Back to Happiness (1979)

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